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Many incarcerated men who wake up to the past horror of their sins, wonder how they will ever start over again. How they can re-enter a community and be accepted?


Becoming re-established with a new foundation is vital to re-entering society and men who enter Bethel Ministries program know they need help and want it. The Bethel staff and volunteers come alongside these men with the commitment and support they need. From that moment on, they strive to help each man make his personal transition back into society with a renewed spirit and right direction. Bethel provides a most successful and proven alternative to re-entering the community with no support and guidance.


Residents Schedule

Monday – Friday

5:30AM – 7:30AM-Morning Devotions

8:00AM – 5:00PM-Work, Work Search or Community Service

6:00PM – 8:00 PM-Evening Dinners & Classes


10:30PM-House Curfew -Lights Out


Please Note:

*Individual curfew is not house curfew. Individuals may be required  to be in well in advance of the house curfew.



5:30AM- 10:30PM-Free Day


*House Curfew – Lights Out



5:30AM- 10:30PM-Free Day


10:30AM-Church Service


*House Curfew – Lights Out

Small Heading

Routine Home Life


Bethel Ministries works closely with probation and parole officers and adds a layer of supervision many felons on the street don’t receive. The men are given a place to sleep, food, a mentor and encouragement in finding a job. Every day begins with Bible study and prayer. After breakfast, everyone either goes to work, looks for work or volunteers in the community. They have to do something productive. The members of each house dine together at 6 p. m. and attend nightly classes at 7 p. m, followed by an 8:30 p. m. curfew upon first entering Bethel. The men are required to turn their paychecks into Bethel Ministries who teaches them, through financial stewardship, with biblical guidelines, how to manage their money. Bethel’s program fees are $440 a month for food, housing and classes, and support. Bethel’s homes are kept clean and are strategically located within neighborhoods away from schools, parks or day cares.

Program Information


Bethel Ministries recognized the importance of developing an ongoing relationship with Christ Jesus in each person, wanting to help men who, having great obstacles to overcome, desired the kind of help necessary to develop a personal relationship with Jesus and make a new life. Bethel Ministries believes that such new Christians would need support from each other, the church, and the greater community if they were going to truly change their lives and stay out of prison. Bethel saw that men would need help finding jobs, making new friends, participating in educational programs and proper leadership that would help them build a whole new way of living.


The first house was a miracle of God in that while the founder of Bethel Ministries was driving the streets of Boise looking for a house to serve as a transitional home, he turned upon the street named Bethel. As he continued to drive further down the street, a “for rent” sign was in plain view. Of course this immediately became an inspiration as the word ‘Bethel’ in Hebrew means ‘House of God!’ Upon checking out the rental home, the owner was more than helpful getting “Bethel Ministries” off the ground by renting the home to the ministry. This home was only the first miracle and to this day, miracles continue to abound.


Over the years, three additional transition homes were added in order to accommodate more men into the Bethel program. In spite of the continuous ups and downs from the economy, Bethel has remained afloat with God’s blessing. Today, hundreds of men have come through this ministry and some of Bethel’s graduates are flourishing as they successfully continue in a new way of living. The ministry has an over 80% success rate of men who have committed to the six months of residency and graduated the Bethel Ministries program and many have not gone back to prison. God continues to bless this ministry in spite of great odds, with miracle after miracle making it truly faith-based.





Bethel Ministries

PO Box 44106
Boise, Idaho 83711-0106


Rob Lee

Executive Director



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This discipleship program exists to help men make the transition from incarceration back into the community. We provide housing in a Christian family setting and will assist you in finding a mentor, a Christian church and employment. Through mandatory programs and fellow-shipping we will also assist you in strengthening your spiritual walk with Jesus Christ. You need to bring to this program a commitment to change and total honesty.

***Effective 1/1/2017, Bethel Ministries homes will be tobacco free zones.***



1. You must have a sincere desire to change your life through the power of Jesus Christ.

2. You must have been clean and sober for a period of at least 30 days.

3. Applicants must be willing to become involved in a mentored relationship to build support.

4. Applicants must be willing to abide by Bethel house rules and probation and parole rules.

5. Applicants must be willing to do assigned work in the house, neighborhood and/or community.

6. Applicants must be willing to adhere to money management requirements which are specifically outlined in the house rules.

7. Applicants must commit to a minimum of 6 months residency.

8. Prior to final acceptance into the discipleship program, all applicants must have a current social security card, current driver’s license and/or a copy of their birth certificate and a statement of medical needs which includes a list of prescription drugs and dosages required. (Please contact your counselor for assistance with these requirements.)


All applications that do not meet these criteria will be denied. Incomplete applications will be returned.



Rob Lee; Board Chairman & Executive Director

Bob Lee; Board Member & Treasurer

Doug Hardy; Board Member


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